Posted on Oct 22, 2020

Comfortable Moving


TIP 1: Plan ahead – Set goals and start planning your downsizing early. Do not wait to make decisions!

TIP 2: Decide on your lifestyle needs – Ask yourself some questions and think about what lifestyle you want to embrace as you move forward.

TIP 3: Organize your items in 3 categories:
Moving, Selling/Donating, or Throwing Away.

TIP 4: Optimize Space - Getting furniture that doubles as storage space is a great apartment hack. Drawers under your bed, closet organization systems and anything else that serves a purpose but doubles as a place to put things is valuable.

TIP 5: Quality over Quantity - Choose one piece of furniture that makes a statement, instead of trying to squeeze too many pieces into a single room.

TIP 6: Get an objective opinion - Accept help in sorting and packing your belongings. Consider hiring a professional organizer who can offer an objective opinion when you're trying to decide what you really need to eliminate or donate to charity.
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